Individualized and professional pediatric occupational therapy in the most supportive, convenient and natural environment…your own HOME

Discover How to Accelerate
your Child’s Development at Home

Led by Licensed Occupational Therapist Deb, this is the Perfect, play-based home video program for your 3 to 7 year old.

Becoming a member of the HOOT community gives you:

 Unlimited access to bite sized video lessons focused on 5 foundational skills with content continuously being added
 Carefully crafted (& optional) programming to help guide you along the way
 Easy to understand explanations of what, why and HOW to implement FUN, yet challenging activities through a visual medium that will improve engagement and progress made
 The advantage to knowing how to incorporate KEY developmental activities in the home in order to help your child develop good early writing habits, become more prepared in the classroom and more independent
 THE supplement to homeschooling / remote learning that you’ve been searching for all in ONE credible platform

Bite Sized Video Lessons

HOOT’s video library and programming is based on the 5 foundational skills.

Each category has activities to help your child master the skill at hand, at home, and on your time.

Videos activities are easy to understand and are broken up into bite sizes chunks so you can follow along with certainty. 

Examples of activities include: stringing necklaces, using play dough for pretend play & strength, target & balance games, animal walks, hidden pictures, memory games, balloon toss and so much more! 

Expertly Crafted Programs To Give You A Headstart

You’ll never be unsure what activities you should be doing with your child. Whether you’re looking for fun after school activities, things you can do in a hurry, or even activities that only require household items. You’ll be covered.

Starter Pack

Not sure where to begin? No problem! This program has a mixture of the first four collections (writing not included). All are fun, yet can still be made into a challenge, for a great first step into HOOT’s programming. Aim for 1-2 activities/week, 2-3x/each, 10-15 minutes at a time.

Legos and Play Doh Fun

If Legos and Play Doh are guaranteed enjoyment in your home, this is a great program to get into. These activities address fine and visual motor practice. Aim for 1-2 activities/week, 2-3x/each, 10-15 minutes at a time.

In A Hurry

I get it! We all try to cram so much into a day, but if you are really committed, even 5-10 minutes a day of targeted practice can make a difference. Aim for 1-2 activities each week, 2-3x/each.

Household Items

Most activities in HOOT’s programming include items that you probably already have in your home. If you want to keep it simple, this program is for you! Aim for 1-2 activities/week, 2-3x/each, 10-15 minutes at a time.

Back to School Prep

Warm up those hands and fingers for some playful activities, with a review on some writing before starting school again. Aim for 1-2 activities/week, 2-3x/each, 10-15 minutes at a time.

After School Essentials

Coming Soon...

HOOT is perfect for you if...

  • As a parent who homeschools their child and are looking for additional resources. 
  • Concerned that your child is falling behind in school. 
  • Having a gut feeling that certain activities are harder for your child compared to their peers, leading to low self esteem and avoidance. 
  • Interested in learning more about the possibility of your child receiving occupational therapy, but just aren’t ready yet….due to time constraints, costs, accessibility, etc. 
  • With a child who doesn’t qualify for services in the school setting, but red flags were raised by the pediatrician and/or teacher. 
  • To give your child EVERY ADVANTAGE!

Whatever the reason may be, I understand that you must feel very overwhelmed, frustrated, and maybe even a bit anxious. That’s where I’d like to help. I created a program for caregivers JUST…LIKE…YOU. I am here to be a resource not only for you – to educate and guide you in knowing why and how to incorporate developmentally appropriate and challenging activities into your child’s daily routine – but also for your child. I share in your goal to make them more prepared for classroom challenges, to become a more confident participant, to set them up for success. 

Why Choose HOOT?


On your timeline, at your pace.


In your home, no travel needed.


HOOT does the work for you, providing credible content all in one platform.

User Friendly

Videos easier to understand than written lists


Activities use a hands on approach, away from pencil/paper tasks.


Instructs parents on what skills to address and why they are important


Consultation services are available in case you need more guidance.

Fresh & New

Content continuously being added.

Membership Grants You Access To:

  • Home programming that is fun, educational, and carefully chosen by an occupational therapist
  • Unlimited access to continuously added content 
  • Organized content presented to fit your needs 
        • Choose your own adventure – you choose activities from any category
        • Suggested sequence of videos – HOOT provides more guidance with activities organized in a specific order (i.e. back to school prep)

About Your Instructor

I earned my master’s degree in occupational therapy from Rush University in Chicago, and I am a registered/licensed occupational therapist. I worked in pediatric private clinics, early intervention and home health. 

I began HOOT in 2014, and it grew quickly because the service model worked: I worked with children in the home, stressed parent education and created effective home programs. 

In 2020, business drastically changed due to COVID-19. I quickly learned that I needed to do something to make HOOT more accessible, manageable for caregivers, and reach even larger audiences. Even more importantly, I realized that parents are overwhelmed with the amount of resources out there. 

This is when I decided to create EDUCATIONAL home programming…not treatment, but rather instructional video content provided by someone who happens to know what they are talking about (that’s me and my team!) to help parents know what to do to boost their child’s development. 

My video platform is the home program you’ve been searching for. This highly effective visual medium is user friendly, achievable, on your timeline, provides guidance along the way, and offers credible support for your child’s development!

Membership Options


Monthly Access
$ 19 Monthly
  • Instant access to unlimited video programming
  • Videos constantly being added


Quarterly Access
$ 49 3 Months
  • Instant access to unlimited video programming ​
  • Videos constantly being added
  • Save 15%


Bi-Annual Access
$ 79 6 Months
  • Instant access to unlimited video programming ​​
  • Videos constantly being added
  • Best long term results for your child
  • Save 30%
***DISCLAIMER: This is not an OT treatment plan, yet an educational platform to provide information on a possible home program consisting of quality and reliable activities to guide your child’s developmental growth.**

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Focused On 5 Key Foundational Skills To Give Them Every Edge

Fine Motor

Fine motor skills are the ability to make movements using the small muscles in the hand and wrist. Children rely on these skills at school, in their play, and for self care (i.e. dressing and eating). If they are not fully developed, children may struggle with writing neatly, coloring within lines, holding a utensil correctly, using scissors, stringing beads, and fastening buttons and zippers. 

Visual Motor

Visual motor skills allow us to use our eyes and hands in a coordinated way. Children need this skill to be able to copy shapes/numbers/letters, cut with scissors, manipulate fasteners, and catch a ball. Activities may include stringing beads, copying a pattern, drawing pictures, cutting along a designated line, and target games. 

Visual Processing

Visual Processing is the cognitive process that organizes visual information and interprets what is seen. If not fully developed, children may struggle with reading, writing, math, spelling, or finding items in a desk. Visual perceptual activities may include puzzles, hidden pictures, memory, word searches, and dot to dot challenges.


Strength is critical, as children need a strong core for good posture and sitting endurance. Shoulder stability, in addition to wrist/hand strength are also important for fine motor skills including pencil/paper tasks and self care skills. If a child demonstrates appropriate strength, they will be more prepared to learn, focus and participate in gross motor play.  Activities will incorporate strength challenges in a playful way. 


Writing requires appropriate fine motor, visual motor, visual perception and strength. Activities away from pencil/paper can help with overall engagement, motivation and progress made! HOOT loves incorporating a multi-sensory approach, and will often incorporate lessons from the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum. 

What Experts Are Saying

“This type of virtual program designed for parents to use at home includes them in the educational process which is extremely beneficial for children’s development.

Learning to incorporate appropriate activities into play and daily routines builds a strong foundation for children mastering critical skills. Learning and working together will improve a child’s overall progress.” 

– A.E., Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 

“Our students who have worked with Deb and HOOT’s home programming have made fast and measurable gains in their skills.  She takes the extra time to create individualized programs for students so they can gain confidence, become successful writers, and more attentive and active participants in class.  Deb always takes a team approach and communicates well with parents and teachers so they understand the WHY and HOW of certain strategies, which is so important to a child’s success.”

-K.M., Learning Specialist

Questions before joining?

Caregivers with preschool aged children to 1st grade (roughly ages 3-8) will benefit most from this home program. HOOT highly values the importance of parent involvement and education; thus, the video content is intended to guide parents in knowing how to effectively incorporate appropriate play at home while enhancing the child’s overall development. 

SO many reasons! Perhaps, your family is not ready for formal OT services, due to time, finances, travel restrictions, or not knowing if the child would qualify. Or, maybe red flags have been raised by a teacher about the child’s writing, reading, or play. It also could be simply the caregiver is in need of additional programming for the child, which will include not only engaging activities but also ones that can enhance their overall academic development.

HOOT suggests that you pick 1 or 2 video activities to focus on each week. Try each activity 2-3x/week, for 10-15 minutes at a time. Focus on the collection (fine motor versus visual perception) where you think your child may need more attention on, and of course the activities that will motivate them! 

The videos are pre-recorded, so that you can start the activity and work through the videos at your own pace, on your timeline. There is no need to show up at a specific time.

Once you sign up, you may see HOOT recommend products, however these are not necessary, and you should still see progress made without these extra tools. Most of the time, Deb incorporates common household items to make participation that much easier.

It typically takes at least 1-2 months before seeing progress, when activities are performed consistently. HOOT is committed to continuously adding content to keep you and your child informed, motivated, and entertained, in hopes you share the commitment to try at least one full month. In addition, once signed up, you have FULL ACCESS to ALL content at ANY time. Thus, no refunds can occur at this time. HOOT wants to help commitment on your end, and has created discounted rates for 3 and 6 month members. 

Ready To Give Your Child Every Advantage You Can?

As the name HOOT implies, I strongly believe in the power of hands-on learning. My activities use a multi-sensory approach, as your child learns best when they have opportunities to see, touch, hear and move.

HOOT is committed to helping your child become more confident and successful. We are excited to have the opportunity to help you and your family, and we sincerely hope you decide to join the HOOT family.