Looking For A Little More Guidance?

HOOT’s ultimate goal is not only parent education, but also the child’s journey. Committed to your family’s progress, HOOT offers additional services for continued support.

Video/Phone Educational Consultation

Perfect if you tried the educational home program, but feel you may need more guidance.

  • HOOT matches caregiver with an occupational therapist using HIPAA compliant video conferencing or phone call. 
  • Occupational therapist and caregiver discuss child’s prior activities, current performance, and overall goals 
  • Tips & tricks offered to enhance and accelerate performance 
  • One time, 30 minute consult
  • $60/consult
**Consultations from a HOOT professional are meant to be instructional guidance, and are not considered occupational therapy. These conversations are not meant to evaluate or individually treat your child.

One-On-One Telehealth

If formal occupational therapy services are recommended by your pediatrician, HOOT offers at home Telehealth services.

  • HOOT coordinates an occupational therapist to work with your child for weekly sessions using HIPAA compliant video conferencing, with parent present
  • Flexible scheduling provided 
  • Both 30 and 45 minute session options available
  • Fee for service model
  • CLICK HERE to get started
** HOOT is a private pay only therapy service; some insurance policies may partially reimburse with HOOT invoices

Questions About Telehealth?

Telehealth is the collaboration with a health care professional that occurs over the phone or computer.  When you sign up with HOOT, you and your child will interact with a licensed occupational therapist via a secure videoconference platform from your home. 

Benefits include:

      • More accessible, on your timeline
      • Increased comfort occurring in natural environment
      • Decreased need to travel
      • Lack of insurance
      • Decreased risk to exposure to illnesses
      • A computer with a microphone and built-in webcam (external webcam works too!)
      • Strong WiFi connection
      • Email account
      • We recommend a well lit, quiet work space with minimal distractions, in addition to a caregiver be present

Fees are payable in full on the day of your child’s session. Payments are accepted by credit card through our secure server. HOOT can provide invoices that you can submit for possible reimbursement by your insurance company.   

Yes. Our videoconferencing occurs with Google’s secure Google Meet, using a specific HIPAA compliant upgrade called G Suite. No sessions are recorded.